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USB Memory Sticks and their many uses
Date:   2010-12-23 02:08:34       Source:  

In the land of USB Memory Sticks (our warehouse) we are constantly discovering the new and wonderful uses Memory Sticks provide. There is simply a new found use every other day. I listed just a few of them below but if you know of anymore I’d love to hear from you.

Promotional Gifts: Your logo on USB Memory Sticks
The perfect way to get your brand noticed. Why? Simple, they’re appreciated and no one will throw them away, plus they’ll reuse it for years to come (with your logo on). Better still you can add further value by uploading your digital marketing/promotional material such as brochures. You can even have USB Memory Sticks built in your own shape!

USB Sticks for Schools, Colleges and Universities:
Great for data transfer, homework, lecture notes, leavers and beginners gifts. Many colleges re-sell their own branded USB Memory Sticks back to their students and staff.

USB Stick Hand outs:
USB Memory Sticks are commonly used to handout and showcase digital presentations such as PowerPoint slides, PDFs and video files.

USBs for the Music Industry:
USB Memory Sticks are a chart eligible format for music albums and singles. They are also perfect for back catalogues as they hold huge amounts of data as well as all file types!

USBs for the Movie Industry:
TVs and DVD players are now built with USB ports, allowing you to watch films and tv shows uploaded on to USB Memory Sticks.

USBs for Software:
USB Memory Sticks are fast becoming popular formats for software distribution.

USBs as Application Carriers:
USB Memory Sticks can be used to carry applications that can run on computers without installation.

Booting Operating Systems:
You can boot certain operating systems with USB Memory Sticks.

Arcade Games Machines:
Some arcade machines have USB ports where you can transfer your high scores and stats.

Eco Drive:
Some clever new cars have USB Memory Stick ports built in. Your car will then send and save information to the USB Memory Stick whilst you drive. You can then take your USB Memory Stick to your computer and find out how you can make your driving more eco friendly.

USB Data Transfer:
Just what USB Memory Sticks were meant for and boy do they do it well! Better still they’re universal and can be used anywhere in the world.

USB Data Backup:
Even though USB Memory Sticks are virtually indestructible and millions of people worldwide use their USB Sticks as backup. We don’t recommend this, use external hard drives if possible.

Write with (Ink):
You can even get USB Memory Sticks that are integrated into ball point pens. Check out our range and you’ll see them for yourself.

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